Treasure 13 members were spotted in Indonesia shooting for a show. 

On March 15, Treasure 13 members were spotted at the airport heading to Indonesia to shoot a show that has not been officially announced yet to the public.

This is Treasure13’s first ever international trip together as a group.

Rumor has it that Treasure 13 are shooting for Treasure13 TV.

This is a video of Treasure13 inside the Incheon Airport:

Hours later, fans gave them a warm welcome as Treasure13 arrived in Indonesia:

It looks likes Treasure13 will be giving us a huge surprise soon.

The members were also spotted shooting on a beach in Bali.

A fan was also lucky enough to be greeted by some of the Treasure13 members on her birthday.

Now, how lucky she was and indeed, it was a kind gesture for the members for greeting her a “Happy Birthday” with their huge smiles.


Treasure 13 members are: Haruto (14 years old), Yedam (16 years old), Junkyu (18 years old), Junghwan (14 years old), Jaehyuk (18 years old), Jeongwoo (14 years old), Hyunsuk (19 years old), Yoonbin (18 years old), Jihoon (18 years old), Yoshinori (18 years old), Mashiho (17 years old), Doyoung (15 years old), and Asahi (17 years old).

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