Fortnite Tournament

iKON has finally landed in New York to promote Samsung and play against Ninja for the long-awaited Fortnite Tournament.

After iKON’s powerful debut performance at SXSW Festival in Texas which was highly talked about on social media, iKON is now getting ready for their second event in America.

Photo: Dylan O'Connor

iKON will be performing in a Fortnite Tournament which is also part of iKON’s promotion as an official ambassador of Samsung Galaxy S10.

The long-awaited iKONIK skin which was inspired from iKON’s Jung Chanwoo and which was named after their fandom, iKONICS, will be officially introduced on March 16.

Aside from the iKONIK skin, Fortnite’s newest emote which is called “Scenario emote,” inspired from iKON’s Love Scenario, will also be officially introduced at the event.

The Scenario emote has created a huge buzz among Fortnite players and they even call it the best emote ever made by Fortnite.

iKON’s Chanwoo will be playing against Ninja and iKON will be performing for the first time, live, in NYC.

This will be the event schedule using Korea’s time zone.

1:00 AM – Doors open
2:00 AM – Start
6:00 AM – Finalists announcement
7:00 AM – Panel discussion w/ iKON
7:20 AM – Finals 8:10 AM – iKON’s performance
8:45 AM – Ninja M&G
9:00 AM – End

You may watch the event using this link below:


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