TVXQ gave their praises to junior idols outside SM Entertainment!

On March 28, the legendary duo held a comeback showcase for their latest album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love.”

One of the questions they got on the showcase was “Among the idols nowadays outside SM Entertainment, which group caught your attention?” Changmin then answered that BTS comes to mind when he heard the question. He also stated that the group caught his eye because they are good.

Yunho also shared his insight and stated that there are lots of junior groups they have their eyes on. He also stated that it’s hard to choose. Yunho shared that BTS’ energy and aura on stage is great and have authenticity. He also added that SEVENTEEN is also a group to look forward to because they really have lots of potential.

Meanwhile, TVXQ just returned with a new track entitled “The Chance of Love”!

Check it out here:

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