It seems like one of the TWICE members is a silent BTS fan!

TWICE were the guests on MBC FM4U radio show “Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date,” last April 11 and the DJ asked about Nayeon’s popular sleeping habit.

Ji Suk Jin asked member Nayeon if she really sings while asleep. Nayeon then answered that she actually really talk to her sleep but these past few days, it has been limited. The members heard her answer and spilled some funny facts.

Jeongyeon shared that Nayeon still talks in her sleep and it’s actually quite a lot these days. She also stated that Nayeon keeps on saying “It hurts”. Member Mina also agreed and shared that she has heard Nayeon talked in her sleep for several times and that she spits our random things.

Other TWICE members also revealed that there was one time, Nayeon even sang to BTS popular song “Fire” with Suga’s line “Burning Up”. Nayeon explained that at that time, she was sleeping on an electric heating pad and when she woke up, she was sweating. That’s when the members revealed to her that she was humming to “Fire”.

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