VIXX’s Leo rumored to be dating a fan

It has been a week full of surprising news – from a birth of a new couple to a separation of one. This time, Leo from VIXX shocked the only community with his dating scandal. From pictures that surfaced online, he was seen shoulder-hugging an unknown girl. From the side view, however, fans guessed the girl is actually someone who runs a fan site – named ‘Close to You’ – for him. Since her face wasn’t clearly seen there hasn’t been any definite answer.

Jellyfish Entertainment’s response

VIXX’s label, Jellyfish Entertainment has since then responded to the news. Through their statement, they denied the rumor about Leo and the fan site master. Furthermore, the company refuted claims that Leo specifically cleared time to meet the girl. Rather, the photos in question were taken when the girl showed up when Leo was rehearsing for his musical, Mata Hari and greeted him. The fan site admin in question had been kicked out of the official fan cafe and can no longer go to VIXX events, but used a fake ID to get in again

Photo credit: Naver Post

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