First, and perhaps, last world tour

Wanna One of Produce 101 fame will be kicking off their first, and sadly, most likely last world tour. The project group which consists of 11 members from various companies will greet their fans in 13 cities from different parts of the world.

Below is the schedule for their concert, One: The World!

Seoul: June 1-3
San Jose: June 21
Dallas: June 26
Chicago: June 29
Atlanta: July 2
Singapore: July 13
Jakarta: July 15
Kuala Lumpur: July 21
Hong Kong: July 28-29
Bangkok: August 4-5
Melbourne: August 17
Taipei: August 25-26
Manila: September 1

The group will also make an appearance on KCON NY (June 23-24) and due to their strong ties with MNet, they are most likely to make join the lineup for KCON LA (August 10-12).

Will you be seeing Wanna One?

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