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YG Entertainment’s artists continue to rank on all Korean music charts.


Just 5 days ago, Winner had a comeback with a full album ‘EVERYD4Y’ which has been a success, achieving a Certified All-Kill in all Korean music charts.

Last month, March 13, Bigbang— one of the legendary groups around the world, released a single track as a gift to their fandom as four of the Bigbang members enlisted to fulfill their military services required by the South Korean government to all their men citizens. Despite being in hiatus for months, no promotion, no music video, and all the issues that were thrown to the members of Bigbang, their song ‘Flower Road’ was still able to achieve Perfect All-Kills and rank until now despite the comeback of other popular groups. The song is even competing on music shows right now.


Last January 25, iKON made a comeback with a full album titled ‘Return’ which has been a huge success for the YG boy group. The title track ‘Love Scenario’ dominated the charts, breaking records over and over. iKON’s ‘Love Scenario’ is the #1 song that has achieved the highest number of Perfect All-Kills in the K-pop industry. ‘Love Scenario’ recorded a total of 204 Perfect All-Kills, and is still dominating the charts until today! Love Scenario won 11 awards on music shows. Add to that the fact that all the songs in iKON’s Return album are perfection!

Yes, it’s been 74 days since Love Scenario’s release, and yet yesterday, the song ranked #1 again in 3 of the Korean music charts. Indeed, Love Scenario caught the heart of everyone in South Korea, and other Asian countries— men, women, boys, girls, kids, adults, and even their grandparents enjoy singing along to Love Scenario.



Recently, Bigbang’s Flower Road, iKON’s Love Scenario, and Winner’s EVERYD4Y ranked #1, #2, and #3, respectively, as the top songs in South Korea’s Apple Music.


This is one of the moments that every entertainment agency has ever dreamed of— for their groups to share the same success, topping the charts together.

Meanwhile, for Blackpink—YG’s only active girl group, is expected to come back this May with new songs. Recently, Blackpink’s Whistle MV achieved 200 million views on YouTube, Stay MV reached 100 million views, and Boombayah MV reached 300 million views just today. All Blackpink’s original songs already reached more than 100 million views on Youtube.

Indeed, YG Entertainment proved to everyone that releasing high-quality music every month is not impossible to achieve.

All the active groups of YG Entertainment share massive success by showing to the world that even after everything that YG Entertainment and their artists had been through, nothing can stop them from giving high-quality music to the world.

From one of the small entertainment agencies, with YG Entertainment’s incredible ability in releasing world class music, YG Entertainment is now one of the best entertainment industries in the world.

If you still doubt YG Entertainment’s legacy in the K-pop industry, or in the music industry as general, then we’ll just let their music speak for their worldwide success.

Listen to iKON’s legendary ‘Return’ album on Spotify below.


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