Wonho’s emotional solo single “Losing You” was revealed to be dedicated to all his fans.

October 2019, when Wonho announced his departure from Monsta X, his supporters didn’t know what his future as an artist will be.

Wonho told his fans to continue supporting Monsta X through a post announcing his departure from Monsta X. Luckily, fans didn’t withdraw their love for their idol.

With this encouragement, Wonho begins his solo career with confidence.

An emotional track “Losing You” is dedicated to those fans who never gave up on him.

“My fans were always here for me, and I’m here because of my fans” he said. “While they thought they lost me, I would have rather lost myself than lose them. They are my shining light everywhere I go, even when it’s dark”.

“Losing you” is just a glimpse, sooner fans will hear his debut mini-album, Love Synonym #1: Right for me, will be release on September 4. “This is the biggest love I’ve had, and I would I ever have. It means everything” he added.

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