Is YG Entertainment under attack once again after their massive hit Korean drama “Mr. Queen” receives accusations for allegedly distorting Korea’s history?

Despite putting disclaimers before the show starts, YG Entertainment’s massive hit Korean drama “Mr. Queen” continues to receive backlash from Korean netizens for allegedly changing Korea’s history.

However, some netizens are questioning why Korean netizens are attacking “Mr. Queen” for allegedly distorting Korea’s history when there are heavier Korean historical dramas that had been aired way before YG Entertainment’s K- drama masterpiece.

Some international fans say that it’s crazy how Koreans couldn’t distinguish reality from fictional stories.

Despite the backlash, it’s undeniable that YG Entertainment’s “Mr. Queen” has captured a lot of hearts internationally, and even Korean netizens proving its high TV ratings in Korea.

Do you believe that “Mr.Queen” is distorting Korea’s history or do you think someone is attacking YG Entertainment once again?

Let’s know your thoughts below!

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