Black Label
Jeon Somi officially joins YG Entertainment’s sub label, Black Label.


Recently, rumors about Jeon Somi joining Black Label has been roaming around the internet world.

Now, Black Label officially confirms Jeon Somi being part of YG Entertainment’s new family.

One of Black Label sources revealed that Jeon Somi will debut as a solo artist instead of being part of a group to make her debut faster.

She’s been in the industry for a long time already. Jeon Somi already left a mark on the mind of Koreans with her visual and funny character.

Black Label is managed by YG Entertainment’s world-class writer and producer, Teddy.

Aside from producing and writing songs for YG Entertainment’s girl groups, Teddy is also the person who wrote and produced Sunmi’s Gashina.

What do you think about Jeon Somi joining Black Label?

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