Sign Language

K-pop fans were amazed to see iKON’s leader, B.i., doing sign language while singing one of their songs on stage.


iKON is snatching so many fan girls right now as iKON’s leader, Kim Hanbin or mostly known as B.i., did a sign language while performing “Hug Me” on their live performance.

Fans, including non-iKON fans, found it sweet when B.i. did the sign language.

It proves that there’s more to iKON behind the glitz and glamour in the K-pop industry.

The fact that B.i. is the leader of iKON also shows that iKON truly got a leader worthy of his position.

It’s rare to see K-pop idols doing sign language while doing live performances.

B.i. doing sign language makes iKON’s “Hug Me” even more sentimental.


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