iKON drops their second video teaser for their third comeback this year.


iKON’s third comeback is going to be even more interesting as YG Entertainment dropped a new teaser for iKON’s comeback on October 1, 2018.

Jinhwan and Donghyuk’s teasers were dropped days ago. This time, it’s B.i. and Junhoe’s comeback teasers that will surely break the heart of many ladies.

The lyrics of this song will be even more painful compared to “Love Scenario” and “Killing Me.”

iKON is known for creating timeless, relatable, and catchy songs.

iKON’s leader, Kim Hanbin or mostly known as B.i., writes almost all of iKON’s songs, like Climax, Love Scenario, Apology, Just Go, and more.

Check out YG Entertainment’s video teaser for iKON’s comeback next week.

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