Produce 101 Season 4

YG Entertainment sends two trainees to join the MNET’s Produce 101 Season 4.

K-pop fans were surprised when they saw contestants from YG’s Treasure Box participating on the new season of MNET’s Produce 101.

Wang Jyunhao, Mahiro, Kim Sungyeon, Lee Midam, and Kang Seok Hwa, were officially announced as participants of Produce 101 Season 4.

After seeing these five trainees in the show, rumors spread online that these trainees already left YG Entertainment.

However, it was revealed that Wang Jyunhao and Mahiro are still under YG Entertainment and are representing YG Entertainment in the show.

Meanwhile, Lee Midam is already under a new entertainment company. Kim Sungyeon and Kang Seok Hwa were revealed as individual trainees.

Lee Midam was one of YG’s popular trainees. He was trained along with Treasure 13’s Bang Yedam and Kim Junkyu.

Mahiro is one of YG Entertainment’s Japanese trainees, trained along with Treasure 13’s Haruto.

Wang Jyunhao is the first Chinese trainee under YG Entertainment that was revealed to the public.

Kim Sungyeon and Kang Seokhwa belong to Team B during YG Treasure Box.

Check out Produce 101 Season 4’s opening below:

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