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Why is Jang Ja-Yeon’s suicide and sexual assault case could be bigger than you could have ever imagined?

Jang Ja-Yeon’s suicide and sexual assault case has been ignored for 10 years. The case has been reopened on December of 2018, with the help of Yoon Ji-Oh, one of Jang Ja-Yeon’s friends in the Korean entertainment industry who also pledged as a witness on Jang Ja-Yeon’s case.

Jang Ja-Yeon committed suicide leaving a 7-page suicide note. According to Yoon Ji Oh, Jang Ja-Yeon’s 7-page suicide note stated more than 30 influential people who are rumored to have been involved in Jang Ja-Yeon’s sexual assault case.

It has been reported that the names on Jang Ja-Yeon’s suicide note are names of influential people from the media executives, CEOs, and some are directors in the Korean entertainment industry.

Jang Ja-Yeon was under an entertainment company called The Content Entertainment.

What people do not know is that Jang Ja-Yeon is not the first artist who committed suicide who was associated to The Content Entertainment.

Other actresses who who committed suicide and were associated to The Content Entertainment were Choi Jin Sil, U: Nee, and Jung Da Bin.

Jung Da Bin and Choi Jin Sil were actresses under Stars Entertainment while U:Nee is under Olive Nine.

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However, it was reported that The Content Entertainment merged with Olive Nine and Stars Entertainment.

All these four actresses committed suicide by hanging.


U;Nee was a singer, rapper, dancer and actress who committed suicide on January 21, 2007 at the age of 25. Her friends were shocked when they heard the news of her death. Her friends knew that U;Nee was preparing for her last album “Honey.” The police reported that U;Nee committed suicide due to depression.

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Jung Da-Bin

Jung Da-Bin was an actress who committed suicide on February 10, 2007. She committed suicide just a few days after U;Nee. It was reported that the actress committed suicide due to depression. A day before her suicide, Jung Da-Bin posted a message on her personal blog: “I was tired of difficult things. I did not appear unwanted things, but fortunately God came and embraced me.”

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Choi Jin Sil

Choi Jin Sil was a South Korean actress. She was dubbed as “The Nation’s Actress” during her time. Choi Jin Sil committed suicide on October 2, 2018. It was reported that Choi JIn Sil committed suicide due to depression after Ahn Jae Hwan’s death, Choi Jin Sil’s close friend who also committed suicide.

Choi Jin Sil was married but later on got divorced to Jo Seong-min, a South Korean professional baseball player. On 2013, Jo Seong-min also committed suicide, leaving his and Choi Jin-Sil’s two kids. It was reported that he committed suicide after having an argument with his girlfriend.

Before her death, Choi Jin Sil expressed her disappointment regarding a groundless rumor against his friend Ahn Jae-Hwan: “I’m saddened at the people of this world. I don’t understand why they’d torment someone with accusations of moneylending or whatnot.” Choi Jin Sil was referring to the rumor that spread online about her friend, Ahn Jae-Hwan who was accused to have a huge debt to Choi Jin Sil. Choi Jin Sil denied this rumor.

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After the suicide of these three artists, Jang Ja Yeon also committed suicide the next year, 2009, just months after Choi Jin Sil’s death.

In 2014, CEO Kim Sung Hoon— the CEO of the entertainment company, was accused guilty and was ordered to pay Jang Ja-Yeon’s family with 24 million won ($28,700) for sexually exploiting Jang Ja-Yeon.

Though Jang Ja-Yeon left a suicide note with names of alleged sexual offenders who are reportedly working in the Korean entertainment industry, no updates were given regarding the people listed on Jang Ja-Yeon’s suicide note.

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