Let’s take a look at this year’s winter fashion trend!

Welcome to our annual (and seasonal) fashion trend discussion! Last summer we have discussed which trend is currently ‘hot’ in South Korea right now, so this time we’ll probe into South Korea’s winter fashion trend! Keep in mind, however, that the trend might not be suitable in where you live, but still, you can steal some inspiration from the super warm and comfy outfits we’ll discuss here!

  1. Padding jacket/ long padding coat
    Cr: Naver News


    Cr: Naver News

    This year’s winter fashion in Korea is all about padding jacket. The fever is so crazy, Seoulites are even willing to queue for hours just to get their own padding jacket. While it’s true that trend changes from time to time, it seems those obsessed with padding jacket don’t mind.


Photo credit: Author via Canva

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