Best phone cases owned by Korean idols

Now that phones are more of a necessity more than a luxury, phone cases become a way to express yourself better. Just like what kind of clothes or shoes you wear, phone cases can be a fashionable item to complete your look. When it comes to fashion items, we can definitely look for some inspiration from Korean stars. Below, we have compiled the best phone cases that you might want to have (some have a whopping price, so don’t be too surprised!)

  1. Ryu Jun  Yeol
    Cr: Carousell

    Where to buy:

  2. NCT’s Taeyong
    Cr: Aminoapps

    Where to buy:

  3. SNSD’s Tiffany
    Cr: SNSD Style on Twitter

    Where to buy:

  4. EXO’s Suho
    Cr: Caseyard
    Cr: EXO Fanbase on Twitter







    Where to buy:

  5. Red Velvet’s Irene
    Cr: urkaepjjang on Twitter

    Where to buy: No information yet

Photo credit: Author via Canva


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