Both groups will be making a comeback

It was a summer packed with some of the greatest comebacks of the year, (like Red Velvet’s Red Flavor, GFRIEND’s Love Whisper and EXO’s Ko Ko Bop) but be prepared for an equally packed fall. We’ll be seeing some of the most popular K-Pop groups and soloists making their comeback sometime during September or October. B.A.P, Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung, and HyunA are some of many names. But what stole the spotlight would be the news about EXO and BTS September comeback.

Teasers are out

BTS have confirmed that they’ll be making a comeback on September 18 and have teased fans with some high-quality teasers. Meanwhile, EXO dropped a 21-second video teaser out of the blue August 21 – right when the solar eclipse began. Both groups are known for their strong fandom and impressive musicality, so let’s stay tuned to see how fierce the competition would be like.

Photo credit: Allkpop

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