korean nail tips

When it comes to beauty and skincare, Koreans are the first thing that comes to my mind. They seem to be glowing all the time and their poreless porcelain skin looks so supple. Ofcourse they didn’t woke up like that (or maybe they do?) but they also rely on a great skin care regimen. Another secret they have is, they know how to apply their makeup. Here are five of them:

  1. Pat, pat, pat – When applying beauty products, make sure to pat them on your skin gently and not rub harshly. Use this method whether you’re applying a face cream or a serum. Apply gentle pressure and that’s it!
  2. Contour using BB/CC creams – We have seen all the contouring videos in YouTube and it looks so hard and tedious. So how do koreans do it? Take it from Dara Park and watch the video below.  
  3. Curl your lashes with heat – Using your blowdryer, heat up your mascara wand lightly and use it like you would normally do. Make sure that it is lightly warm and not hot.
  4. Use two lip colors – Those glowing lips didn’t just happen like that. Start with a nude base lipstick and apply a lipstick with more hue on the inner part of your lips. We love berry or orange colours 🙂
  5. Line your brows – Sketch out the angle of your eye brows using a thin brow pencil and fill them lightly. Follow it with a tinted brow gel and you’re all set!

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