The umpteenth threat

There is no one quiet day for APink members. The members previously received multiple bomb threats when they were promoting ‘FIVE’ as a group, but now, they also received bomb threats even when conducting solo promotions. On October 19, Dongguk University received a bomb threat prior to an event that was supposed to be attended by Son Naeun and several other celebrity alumni. After receiving a report that explosives had been placed at Dongguk University, police were dispatched to the scene immediately. A source from Son Naeun’s side commented, “The police returned to their stations after completing an on-site investigation. Thankfully, nothing happened.” As the result of the bomb threat, the event had to be pushed back for 20 minutes.

Chorong received another threat

It has also been recently reported that another member, Chorong was targeted with a bomb threat at the Bucheon International Animation Festival. We pray for everyone’s safety.

Photo credit: TVDaily via Naver

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