NU’EST W is truly walking in the flower road!

After 5 years to their debut, NU’EST W finally got their very first win on a music show.

On the latest episode of music program M!Countdown that aired on October 19, NU’EST W’s “Where You At” and GOT7’s “You Are” were nominees for first place. GOT7 achieved the score of 7,705 against NU’EST W score of 9,521 making them the winner for this week.

NU’EST debuted in 2012 and they remained less popular to the public. They gained popularity through Produce 101 Season 2 and they are now harvesting all the success they deserve.

The members were shocked with their win that leader Jonghyun became speechless after hearing it. Later on, he thanked their families and fans for all the support. Other idols such as GOT7 and BTOB were also seen hugging and congratulating NU’EST.

Check out their winning speech here:

Congratulations to NU’EST and please release more amazing music!

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