Taken to hospital after being unconscious

Following the revelation of his involvement in a marijuana scandal, Big Bang’s TOP was reported to have overdosed on Benzodiazepine, a substance commonly found in sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication. Previously, the police countered Big Bang’s label, YG Entertainment’s statement; saying TOP was not unconscious or in critical condition. Earlier today, at 4 PM KST, however, the hospital where TOP is currently being treated (Ehwa University Hospital in Mokdong)  held a press conference.

Here are some of the main points taken from the press conference:

  1. TOP arrived at the hospital carried in by three people.
  2. When carried in, he showed signs of hypertension, hypoxia, and hypercapnia
  3. Attempts were made to wake him up, he showed no reaction.
  4. After a series of tests, he was determined to be in a critical condition.
  5. It can take up to a week for him to recover.
  6. Currently (at the time the press conference was held), he still needs an oxygen mask. His breathing has not fully recovered.
  7.  He’s better, but not fully conscious yet.

We are currently waiting for more updates on the news.

Photo credit: News1 via Naver

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