JTBC released the backstage clip of BTS on their guesting for “Knowing Brothers”.

BTS is the guest on the upcoming episode of “Knowing Brothers” and to teaser all the ARMYs, they released the video snippet of the members trying their best to be comfortable before the main filming.

The boys are seen wearing school uniforms for the show’s theme. Leader Rap Monster became the MC for the interview. All the members were asked on which member of Knowing Brothers do they like best. They were also tasked to practice speaking in informal to all the members (even to the older ones) as it is the concept of the show (because they are in a classroom).

Most members were uncomfortable in using informal at first but as time goes by, they became used to it and enjoyed it using mostly to the older ones.

Member V picked Min Kyung Hoon all the way as his favorite Knowing Brothers’ member. He shared that he is a fan of his group, Buzz.

While Jimin revealed that he is excited to see Kang Ho Dong the most because he resembles his father.

Check out the 6 minute clip below:

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