Chinese viewers list their top 5 Korean actresses

It can be said for sure that Korean dramas, music, and culture have successfully break through the Chinese market. Countless of Korean dramas have been remade, and some were even adapted to movies. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see Korean top actresses have become a household name in China. But, who is the prettiest Korean actress according to Chinese viewers?

According to a Chinese survey, the list is as follows:

#1 Kim Tae Hee
#2 Song Hye Gyo
#3 Shin Min Ah
#4 Suzy
#5 Hyeri
#6 Seolhyun

Korean netizens react to the result

While most Chinese netizens can agree to the list, the Korean netizens think otherwise. Some comments demanded Hyeri and Seolhyun taken out from the list; while some others agreed that Kim Hee-Sun should be on the list. How do you feel about the survey result? Let us know below!

Photo credit: SBSfunE via Naver

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