Recently attended an audition

Just as we thought there won’t be more surprising debuts (Fan Bing Bing’s brother, EXP Edition, AKB48 members on Produce48), we heard what could possibly be the most shocking news of 2018 – Cruz Beckham is on his way to being the next actor-singer in Korea. The third child of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham is rumored to be auditioning for the new agency STARDIUM. The global audition which goes by the title “The Man” is searching for a 10-member actor-entertainer group similar to Fantagio’s 5URPRISE. The founder and CEO of STARDIUM is Fantagio’s former CEO Na Byung Jun. Cruz is only 13 years old this year. STARDIUM hasn’t confirmed that Cruz is indeed a participant.

Do you think Cruz would hit big as a K-Pop star?

Photo credit: Soompi

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