DARAGON is sailing!


On September 1, G-dragon had his very successful solo concert in Manila, Philippines held at Smart Araneta Coliseum. What made the concert even more special is that his label mate and Philippines’ darling, Sandara Park joined her on stage after 8 years. They performed Missing You and Hello.

When Dara arrived on stage, Dara said her greeting to the fans and added “I miss you” while pointing at G-dragon. Yes, the fans went crazy about it during the concert and on the internet.

But wait, it ain’t over yet! Right after their performance, Dara exited the stage using the floor. During G-dragon’s solo performance of “Who You,” while singing the part “Baby, I just want you back, I want you back” of Who You, G-dragon started knocking and tapping the floor where Dara exited.

You think it’s over? Not yet! Aside from the encore stage where Dara showed up on stage with G-dragon wearing the same style of outfits, G-dragon posted these sweet images on his instagram:

G-Dragon kneeling in front of Dara giving her a paper flower.

Daragon having a good time.

DaraGon is one of the legendary ships in the Korean entertainment industry with massive followers from all around the world.

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