Top 3 Korean desserts

Summer seems to pass by so quickly; and soon, we are welcoming fall! Throughout this summer, we have been discussing Korean songs, Korean fashion, and Korean makeup trend. To end the summer series, why don’t we take a look at the most popular Korean desserts? Let’s go through them!

  1. Patbingsoo
    Patbingsoo is probably the ultimate Korean dessert. The shaved ice dessert is a perfect way to enjoy summer because you can enjoy various toppings at once. Whether it’s chopped fruit, red beans, or milk, the choice is yours to make!
  2. Honey bread
    Next on the list is honey bread. The dessert is basically just plain bread topped with whipping cream and honey.
  3. Bungeoppang
    Bungeoppang literally means ‘carp bread’. And it actually is a bread shaped like a carp. The pastry is stuffed with sweetened red bean paste and is often enjoyed during winter instead of summer.

Photo credit: Naver News

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