Why did Dara perform with G-Dragon in his MOTTE concert in Manila?


During an interview, YG’s CEO has revealed that G-dragon personally chose Dara to join him in his MOTTE concert in Manila held last Friday at Smart Araneta Coliseum. G-dragon also requested to sing Missing You with Dara, and also wanted her to join him until his encore song which was Crooked.

And of course we would not forget that in the middle of G-dragon’s MOTTE concert in Manila, Dara has revealed that she misses G-dragon, while during G-Dragon’s Who You performance, GD showed to the fans that he wanted Dara to come back…on stage.

Image result for daragon motte manila

Image result for daragon motte manila

G-dragon on his knees giving a paper flower to Dara after the concert. You can also notice that the two have the same fashion style, as always! 😉

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G-dragon knelt again in front of the crowd while looking at Dara. What do you think? (Credits to the owner of the pic)

What happened last Friday in Manila was one of the best things that has happened this year for Daragon. Daragon shippers are truly thankful for G-Dragon and Dara for keeping their hearts always giddy for 9 years. Rest assured, Daragon shippers will always and forever be there to support Dara and G-Dragon all through the way!

BONUS! FUN FACT: Dara and G-dragon knew each other even before they debuted as YG artists.

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