2018 is the year of love!

Less than a week since 2018 starts, we have been showered with nothing but dating news. We have more coming – see if your bias is included!

  1. G.O and Choi Ye Seul
    The former MBLAQ member has confirmed that he’s dating actress Choi Ye-Seul. He even revealed his plans to marry her. He personally confirmed the news through his personal Instagram.
  2. Hyunseung and Shin Soo-Ji
    The former BEAST member is dating rhythmic gymnast-turned-professional bowler Shin Soo Ji. The unlikely couple became close through their mutual interest in bowling and officially started dating last fall. They have been dating for around 3 months.
  3. Hyomin and a media CEO
    T-ara’s Hyomin is rumored to be in a relationship with the head of a media group. They met through a wine club – but she denied the rumor and insisted they are merely friends.

Photo credit: Author via Canva

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