The day that K-pop fans, especially iKonics, have been waiting for!

The first two years after iKon’s debut had been truly amazing for the group. During their rookie year, the group was already having dome tours in Asia. Despite being in the industry for more than two years, the group had already gathered almost 500,000 people in just 2017 alone.

Now, we’re glad to announce to you that iKon is officially making a comeback this January with a new vibe and songs for everyone to enjoy!

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iKonics’ amazing lightstick formation in one of iKon’s dome tours.

YG finally dropped the teaser for YG’s baby group’s long-awaited comeback. Fans were already aware that iKon would have a comeback in January, but some fans didn’t believe it until YG drops the teaser for iKon’s comeback.

Then, long and behold! YG is indeed not trolling the fans this time. On January 6, YG posted iKon’s comeback teaser on his Instagram account which totally made K-pop fans excited for this most anticipated comeback.

iKon’s January 2018 comeback teaser gave a totally different vibe as compared to the group’s previous comeback, which were all hyped songs— Bling Bling and B-Day. It looks like the theme of their comeback next week would be mysterious, or could be perfect for Valentine’s day next month.

Despite releasing the teaser, YG still didn’t reveal the exact date of iKon’s comeback, but he mentioned on his Instagram post that the exact date would be revealed next week. For now, let’s just enjoy iKon’s comeback teaser.

Check out iKon’s comeback teaser below.

English translation:

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