Wanna One recently had their “Wanna One Premier Show-Con” as part of their debut promotions.

Member and visual Hwang Minhyun relayed his thoughts on currently living as a Wanna One member. He shared that he is just happy nowadays.

Minhyun stated that he feels happy every single day and that even the little things makes him happy. He also shared that after their hectic schedules most of them are really exhausted when they are in the car but when they finally arrive at their dorms, it’s as if they are energized once again.

They even play games and had late night meals after arriving at their dorm.

Minhyun also shared how there was one time when the boys splurged on food. They ordered 11 whole chicken (one for each). They ate their heart out but there was 2 chicken left over still.

Other members also agreed how they really are enjoying their time as a Wanna One member.

Meanwhile, they debuted with “Energetic” on August 7. Check out the MV here.

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