The umpteenth time

APink had to cancel another event following a bomb threat directed at the group. Yesterday, the girl group was scheduled to have a fansign event. What should have been a happy occasion spent with fans turned sour when the event had to be canceled for safety reasons – which is none other than the umpteenth bomb threat the group received.

The bomb threat was surely not the first one. Member Eunji who was scheduled to attend the press conference for upcoming drama “Untouchable” also had to delay the press conference for the same reason. The culprit has been identified as a Korean-American man in his 20s who’s currently residing in Canada.

While the netizens have been quick to jump to the conclusion that the threats made were nothing but attempts to media-play the group, an interview with a police source revealed that despite knowing the culprit’s identity, tracking him down is not an easy task. His location has not been known.

Also, since the culprit is currently residing in Canada, the investigation is a joint effort between South Korea, America, and Canada police force. The source also revealed, “An investigation is taking place through Interpol as well, but while this case is a serious crime in our situation it may not be considered important in that country.”

In other words, it would take a while to catch the criminal behind countless bomb threats directed at APink. While all of them have been proved to be nothing but bluffs, the turn of event would surely stress the members out.

Photo credit: Newsen

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