What is fanwar?

If you have been a K-Pop fan for quite some time, you must have heard of the term ‘fanwar’ at least once. Basically ‘fanwar’ can be defined as a ‘fight over which fandom is better.’ This includes fighting over which K-Pop group or soloist is better.

Why is it so prevalent?

Fanwar in K-Pop went all the way back. Back in the 90’s, fans of K-Pop boy groups H.O.T and Sechs Kies would even get to physical fights. While these days it’s very rare to hear occurrences of K-Pop fans fighting with one another physically, the fight takes a new shape. Most fandom wars are done online, with harsh insults thrown back and forth. One reason why K-Pop fanwars are really widespread is that, there are so many news sites or music shows holding polls; encouraging fans to vote for their own idols. Another eason, the fans might feel being involved in a fanwar shows their dedication to their favorite group.

Is there any use?

Unfortunately, no. While their fans are, perhaps, trying to come up with a better insult,  the K-Pop idols are often in a good relationship with one another. This makes the whole idea of ‘going on a war’ to ‘defend’ your idol completely useless. Welp.

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