GFRIEND is back!

Rising girl group GFRIEND joins the comeback rush! The 6-member girl group joins the hot summer comeback line, with their album ‘Parallel’. The title track, ‘Love Whisper’ quickly topped the chart an hour after its official release at 6 PM KST on August 1, 2017. Within 6 hours, the official music video has garnered over 500,000 views; cementing GFRIEND’s position in the cut-throat industry.

Coming back to the old concept?

Through their debut with ‘Glass Bead’, GFRIEND made it big thanks to their innocent, first-love vibe. Their last comeback, ‘Fingertip’, however, was slightly different from their previous releases. While their song was liked by many, ‘Fingertip’ didn’t garner as much interest. Through ‘Love Whisper’, fans can expect to see the innocent sides of the members once again.

Check out the ‘Love Whisper’ MV below!

Photo credit: GFRIEND Official Facebook page
Video credit: 1theK Official YouTube channel

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