This summer, several boy and girl groups are returning and debuting left and right. Like for example, August has several confirmed comebacks and one of them is none other than Girls Generation.

Girls Generation is returning real soon for their 10th Year Anniversary with their sixth studio album entitled “Holiday Night”.

Maybe you’re still skeptical on which group you’ll be stanning this summer so we’ve listed 5 enough reasons for you to watch out for Girls Generation!

1) With just the girls’ teasers, you’ll know it will be a bop!

–> Check out their Youtube channel for other member’s teaser!

2) It’s been almost 2 Years since they returned with a song (with promotions)

Their last comeback was with “Lion Heart” and “You Think”. It was released on July 2015.

How can you not anticipate their comeback when it’s been 2 years since a new song from Girls Generation was released? It was an incomplete 2 years of K-Pop.

3) It’s their 10th Anniversary

August 5, 2007, Girls Generation was created. SM Entertainment created a girl group with 9 talented members. After 10 years, the girls are still active, popular and still considered the nation’s girl group. It’s very rare for a K-pop group to withstand ten years together.

4) Several Members composed tracks from the album

It has been revealed through teasers that Sooyoung and Seohyun contributed in writing the lyrics for their album. Their title track “Holiday Night” was written by Seohyun.

5) Because, they’re Girls Generation. Nation’s girl group for 10 years and counting!

I think the main reason you should watch out for this comeback is because they are GIRLS GENERATION. Just with that name, you don’t need to have any reason not to anticipate it. They’re the queens of K-Pop in this generation and if you’re a K-Pop fan, you know them. You respect them. And they are a part of your life.

So don’t forget, the girls are returning this August 4 at 6 p.m. KST, with double title tracks “All Night” and “Holiday.”

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