New Korean dramas

Current Korean dramas airing in South Korea is close to an end. But, as always, you can be sure that there’ll be other Korean dramas that follow. Some dramas have finished filming, some others just finalized the casting. Nevertheless, news about upcoming Korean dramas is enough to get fans excited. If you have finished watching a Korean drama and would like to know which dramas you can watch next, see our recommended drama list below!

1. Bride of the Water God

Tha manhwa-based drama has finished filming stage and has released the teasers. Main casts include Nam Joo-Hyuk, Shin Se-Kyung, Krystal of f(x) and Gong Myung. The drama is set to air this July on tvN.

2. School 2017

Following the success of the previous seasons, this year’s School drama will be airing on KBS. Gugudan’s Kim Sejung is confirmed for the female lead role, but there hasn’t been any news on the male lead.

3. Age of Youth Season 2

The first installment of the drama was a huge hit, and the second season is expected to be as successful. Some new characters would be added, and you can expect to see actor Kim Min-Seok and SHINee’s Onew on screen. The drama will air in August on JTBC

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