A huge part of the culture

Webtoon – web cartoon, shortened – has always been a staple part of most South Koreans’ lives. You can easily find students or even office workers, phone in hand and eyes glued to the screen, reading webtoons to kill some time on their way home after a long day. So, we have compiled 5 Korean webtoons worth reading.

1. Noblesse

Author/Artist: Son Jeho/ Lee Kwangsoo
Genre: Fantasy
Episode: 461 (ongoing)

2. Cheese in the Trap

Author/Artist: Soonkki
Genre: Romance
Episode: 4 seasons (completed)

3. Winter Woods

Author/Artist: COSMOS/ VAN JI
Genre: Romance
Episode: 2 seasons (completed)

4. Nano List

Author/Artist: Min Song-Ah
Genre: Action
Episode: 67 (ongoing)

5. The Sound of Your Heart

Author/Artist: Cho Seok
Genre: Slice of life/ comedy
Episode: 1,090 (ongoing)

Those are 5 webtoons we’d like to recommend! Next week, we’ll recommend some websites where you can read some translated Korean webtoons. Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Author via Canva

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