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Is Teddy’s “The Black Label,” planning to release their own girl group soon?

YG Entertainment’s subsidiary label, The Black Label, has just started releasing songs. The company is now gaining interests as they released R.Tee and Anda’s “What You Waiting For.”

But who are the female trainees under The Black Label? 

Here’s a list of the rumored and confirmed trainees of The Black Label.

  1. Jeon Somi

    Somi is probably the most popular trainee in the company. Who wouldn’t know Somi? Somi won first place in Produce 101 and was part of I.O.I. She was a JYP trainee but left JYP last year and was announced as one of Black Label’s trainee in December, 2019.

  2. Moon Jihyo

    Jihyo became viral with her “sha sha sha” video. She was a contestant in MNET’s High School Rapper. She’s a ’99 liner. She attended SOPA.

  3. Julie Han

    Julie Han is also one of the known trainees under Black Label. She was introduced as a Black Label trainee in 2018. She’s from Hawaii and she’s a 2000 liner.

  4. Park Yejin

    Park Yejin was a JYP trainee who won JYP’s 12th audition Star Award. She created an Instagram account in April 2018 which made people think that she already left JYP. She was rumored to have auditioned in Black Label later on. She’s known as Twice Naeun’s look-a-like.

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  5. Jo Hwihyeon

    Jo Hwihyeon is a 2002 liner who was rumored to have joined Black Label in 2018. There’s not much information revealed about this trainee.

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  6. Oh Jieun

    Oh Jieun also passed Black Label’s audition through Def Dance Academy along with Jo Hwihyeon. She’s a 2005 liner. She’s rumored to be the youngest trainee in Black Label.

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  7. Kwon Ji Hyun

    Kwon Ji Hyun is from Vietnam who passed the audition through JST studio.

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  8. Park Hyunseo

    She’s a 2001 liner.

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