After one year since Love Scenario has been released, South Korea’s anthem for 2018 still continues to snatch the hearts of people from around the world.

iKON is indeed an expert in turning those who doesn’t like K-pop into loving a K-pop song like Love Scenario.

It all started during iKON’s performance at closing ceremony of Asian Games 2018. iKON represented Korea at the Asian Games 2018’s closing ceremony.

It wasn’t a K-pop event but the fanchant in the stadium was so loud when iKON started singing Love Scenario and Rhythm Ta.

After iKON’s performance, non-K-pop fans started commenting on iKON’s Rhythm Ta and Love Scenario’s music videos, and said that iKON changed their view towards K-pop.

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Most non-K-pop fans said that iKON’s Rhythm Ta is so cool and amazing.

Later on, when Bobby had a collaboration with international artists for League of Legends’ Rise, people started praising Bobby for being an amazing rapper.

And now, iKON’s Love Scenario is making online gamers who used to dislike K-pop, love iKON’s song.

Not only their song, people are also now acknowledging iKON’s excellent catchy music, dancing skills, and choreography.



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