Idols Dating

Many former idols have admitted that the Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC) is a well-known place where idols might interact and begin relationships.

However, actress Jang Mi, who was once a professional dancer and also a member of the K-Pop group Lime Soda, has shared her experiences interacting with idols on music shows.

She said that while waiting for their turns to perform, dancers don’t have waiting rooms, so they have to sit in the hallway. Furthermore, she shared that the opportunities for idols to interact are limited during music shows due to the fact that they are mostly confined to their designated areas. Even if they do have the chance to interact, they are usually surrounded by other people, so it would be rare for idols to start dating after meeting at a music show.

It looks like ISAC is truly one of the events that create idol couples more that K-pop labels should worry about.

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