Big Hit
Big Hit just revealed the first member of their new boy group, TXT.

Big Hit finally gives another boy group after 5 years since the debut of BTS.

Yes, now that BTS is going on their 6th year in the K-pop industry, Big Hit is giving us another boy group to look out for this 2019.

When BTS started in K-pop, they’re already popular that they won 3 new rookie awards.

Will Big Hit’s new boy group win the rookie awards this year? Too early to tell but Armys will definitely be there to support BTS’ brother group.

Rumor has it that this group will have 5 members and will have an average age of 17.

The first member of TXT is Yeonjun.

Big Hit’s New Boy Group TXT Is Coming: Here’s An Introduction To First Member Yeonjun

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