DC f(x) Gallery released a statement

A loyal f(x) fanbase, DC f(x) Gallery has released an official statement regarding SM Entertainment’s alleged mistreatment toward f(x). The girl group, which hasn’t made any comeback since 2015, didn’t perform at SMTown concerts. Furthermore, member Luna who was present, wasn’t given the time to interact properly with fans.

Regarding hiatus and Asian Tour cancellation

The fan base also demands an explanation regarding f(x)’s 2-year hiatus and the cancellation of their Asian Tour. While the group’s and members’ solo releases charted pretty well, the fans feel SM Entertainment was being unjust and didn’t support the group properly. Their official fan club, me(you) is also not well-organized and there were issues regarding fan colors and the lack of dance practice videos.

You can view the complete statement here. So far, there has been no official response from SM Entertainment.

Photo credit: etoday via Naver

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