G-Dragon, the King of K-pop, just finished his military service and the world is ready to be slayed again by his boundless artistry!

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Around 7:00AM KST today, over 3,000 Bigbang fans from all around the world— both male and female, happily came to South Korea to personally congratulate the “King of K-pop” for completing his military service.

Fans gathered as early as 2:00AM KST to give G-Dragon a very well organized welcome back celebration.

In return, G-dragon humbly gave everyone a 90-degree bow. He sincerely thanked everyone who came and for patiently waiting for his comeback.

“I will go back to work now and will do my best,” G-Dragon’s message to fans.

G-Dragon’s family also prepared muffins for everyone who came to welcome their son from his military service.

#ONE_OF_A_KIND_GD trended #1 & #3, worldwide, on Twitter as Twitter users from around the world celebrated G-Dragon’s comeback.




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