Korean online communities are a huge part of the culture

Online communities, wherever you live, can be a reflection of what the society is like. In South Korea, online communities are accessible not only to teenagers but also adults. Through this post, let’s get to know some of the most famous online communities in Korea and what they’re like.

1. Nate Pann

Nate Pann is perhaps the most influential and most famous online forum among teens; especially teenage girls. In Pann, you can share your stories, read others’, and leave comments. There are different categories you can view; teen stories, enter-talk, photos, and many others.

2. Instiz

Unlike Pann, which is more diverse, Instiz is slightly more K-Pop idols-focused. Comments are heavily moderated, and you can’t see how many upvotes or downvotes a comment receives.

3. Theqoo

Theqoo also allows you to write posts and comment on others’. Like Instiz, the number of upvotes and downvotes are not shown.

4. DC Inside

Although started as a forum to discuss digital camera and photography, DC Inside soon became an open forum to discuss basically everything. DC Inside is often compared to Reddit and is quite an influential website.

Photo credit: Ryandewitt

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