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Happy Face Entertainment sues YG Entertainment after almost two months of silence. In return, YG Entertainment plans to counter-sue Happy Face Entertainment.


The cancellation of Mixnine’s debut made a huge buzz in April when YG Entertainment released their public apology regarding the situation.

Due to not receiving enough support from Korean viewers, Mixnine recorded very low ratings.

Despite Mixnine’s very low ratings, YG still continued the show and he’s still determined to debut Mixnine’s final members after discovering brilliant trainees from entertainment companies that were never heard of before in the global music scene.

The original plan for Mixnine’s debut was ‘4 months + overseas performances,’ but since only a few Koreans showed their support for the show and for the trainees, YG decided to change their plans.

YG, along with the Mixnine members’ agencies, conducted 6 meetings wherein YG prepared two proposals to all the members’ agencies to be able to come up with a unanimous decision for all the Mixnine members.

First, YG suggested that for 3 years, the members will promote under their respective agencies for half a year, and then the 9 ‘MIXNINE’ members will promote for the other half of the year.

YG explained that, “the Mixnine members need at least 15 songs in order to perform solo performances together with the idea of ​​preparing new songs, music videos, and choreography exercises…”

Unfortunately, the majority of the members’ agencies thought that the 6-month period would put a lot of burden to their artists.

YG understood their side and so, YG Entertainment prepared their second proposal which was 1 month of preparation and 2 months of promotions, a total of 3 months for Mixnine members to be together in 1 year.

Unfortunately, the agencies’ representatives, still, didn’t agree.

As a result, YG released a public apology on May 4 wherein it was stated that all representatives discussed everything in a calm manner.

This is why all Mixnine members returned to their respective agencies.

Last June 14, Happy Face Entertainment’s Woo Jin Young, who was one of Mixnine’s final members, debuted as a duo with another artist from the same company, Kim Hyun Soo, who was also one of Mixnine’s participants.

The duo released a song called “Falling In Love.”

Unfortunately, the song didn’t receive enough recognition in Korea.

Now, Happy Face Entertainment is making it to the headline again as they officially filed a lawsuit against YG Entertainment for the cancellation of Mixnine .

YG Entertainment was surprised upon knowing about the lawsuit because they already conducted several meetings with the Mixnine members’ agencies before and discussed already about the matter.

Happy Face Entertainment asks for 10,000,000 KRW or $9,000 as a compensation, and shares that it will even become bigger after thorough investigation.

Happy Face Entertainment reveals that they are asking compensation not for the sake of getting money, but to show to everyone that injustice must never be tolerated.

Also, Happy Face Entertainment accused YG Entertainment of ‘Gapjil,’ which means unjustifiable actions of the privileged class against the lower class in English. 

YG Entertainment officially released their statement about the lawsuit:

“A few months earlier, the agency heads got together on 6 different occasions to come to a conclusion, and we thought it was over after we announced it to media. However, we did not foresee that one of those labels would attempt to sue us for 10,000,000 KRW (~$9,000).

As they’ve filed an official lawsuit, we’ve also discussed our side with a lawyer and plan to counter-sue. We’ll try to minimize any more understanding through the trial’s final judgment. Thank you.”

Among Mixnine members’ agencies, only Happy Face Entertainment filed a lawsuit and had a problem with YG Entertainment.

Amidst this controversy, hopefully, Happy Face Entertainment is able to promote Woo Jin Young and Kim Hyun Soo more than YG Entertainment has done and could have ever done. After all, what matters more here are the artists’ passion and dream to showcase their talent to the world.


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