Hoya withdraws from Infinite

After few monts of uncertainty, it was reported earlier today that Hoya of Infinite will not be renewing his contract with Woolim Entertainment. The news was such a huge shock for Inspirits – Infinite’s fans – as the group was known for their close bond with one another. According to a statement released by Woolim Entertainment, Hoya has decided ‘to walk a different path in order to fulfill his dreams’. No specific explanation regarding his future endeavors was released. Woolim Entertainment also stated that they will be respecting his decision and that Infinite will regroup as a 6-member group.

Along with the news regarding his departure, Hoya’s former group mate L has announced solo fan meet tour in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan throughout September. Member Sungyeol will be acting in a KBS drama ‘Though I Hate You and I Trust You’. We are wishing both Hoya and Infinite’s remaining members success.

Photo credit: Dispatch via Naver

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