idol school trip
Photo credits: JTBC

Are you ready to watch the episode 2 of Idol School Trip?


A short recap of episode 1:

Finally! We get to know the Japanese students who will be able to share this memorable school trip with YG Entertainment’s iKon. As expected, iKon members were looking cool and fabulous with their distinctive swag looks. We got the chance to see the story behind how this school trip show happened.

It’s refreshing to see a different side of iKon. They are known to be cool and swag on stage, but behind the fame and glamour, the iKon members are truly gentlemen, bubbly, and crazily funny. It’s nice to see how much they respect and value women by how they treat the Japanese students.

Well, some of the Japanese students are living the life of every iKon members’ fangirls. If you haven’t watched episode 1 yet, you can watch it here.

For those who are looking forward to watching the episode 2 and want to find out Miho’s seatmate on the bus, you may watch the episode 2 below:

Did you enjoy this episode? What is your favorite part of episode 2? Comment your answers below!



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