Daragon rumor

Another Daragon rumor is trending again!


We all know that Daragon is one of the longest ships in the K-pop industry. Daragon, the ship named after Bigbang’s G-dragon and 2ne1’s Dara, have been consistent in teasing the crowd with their public display of affection but still deny the romantic relationship thrown at them.

No doubt, this year has been one of the best years for the Daragon shippers from G-dragon’s protective hugs on Dara to the M.O.T.T.E. special guest to the secret vacation getaway in China.

Just when you thought Daragon would no longer give Daragon shippers something to talk about in the last month of 2017, guess what?! We will reveal to you another Daragon video that will surely make you think again about this ship.

Watch the videos below:

Unfortunately, this woman is not G-dragon’s mother. This woman’s instagram is Luna_onlygram. Even though that’s not G-dragon’s mother, still she definitely looks like G-dragon’s beautiful mother! Does that count? 😀

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