A Vietnamese rapper received backlash after plagiarizing one of iKon B.I.’s songs.

The new year isn’t that good for Lil Shady, a Vietnamese rapper who was accused of plagiarizing one of B.I.’s self- composed songs.

On January 4, fans were enraged when they heard Lil Shady’s new song. The reason? It has the same beat to B.I.’s self-composed song from his Show Me The Money 3 performance. The Vietnamese rapper was accused of copying the instrumentals of B.I.’s original song.

Lil Shady’s video was immediately removed by YouTube, and the Vietnamese rapper has not released any word despite his official video being removed.

B.I. wrote and performed the song in Show Me The Money 3, around four years ago. He was still a trainee when he wrote the song and performed it on stage.

This is not the first time that B.I.’s song has been plagiarized. Unfortunately, this is the third time that B.I.’s songs were plagiarized. The first one was iKon’s debut song Rhythm Ta; it was around May 2016. The same issue, the instrumentals of Rhythm Ta was plagiarized, this time by a Chinese singer. iKonics were enraged when they found out about it because it was iKon’s debut song and fans revealed that B.I. along with iKon members, worked hard to write and produce that song for their group debut. The fans even revealed that B.I. was only 18 when wrote and composed the song. Other fans also revealed that B.I. didn’t get enough sleep when preparing for debut and was not able to eat on time that fans usually see him eating in a burger joint passed midnight, alone.



The second time that B.I.’s was plagiarized was around July 2016. A group of Chinese singers plagiarized B.I.’s arrangement of the popular Disney song, Let It Go. The Chinese group performed the song live on television without crediting iKon’s B.I. for the arrangement of the song.

Indeed, this shows how excellent B.I.’s gift is in writing and composing songs. Even artists from other countries acknowledge B.I.’s talent as a producer. It’s a shame that some artists would dare to plagiarize one’s song that was a fruit of passion and hard work. Are iKon’s talent being underrated that’s why those artists dared to plagiarize their songs? Didn’t those artist know the popularity of iKon’s B.I.?

Since the video of the Vietnamese rapper was taken down hours after the video was posted on YouTube, we were not able to get the copy of it.

Meanwhile, here is one of the videos that proves how Chinese singers plagiarized B.I.’s arrangement of Let It Go. Also, below is B.I.’s song that was plagiarized by the Vietnamese rapper:

The song that was plagiarized by the Vietnamese rapper.

The Let It Go version that was arranged by B.I. and was plagiarized by four Chinese singers.

B.I.’s version

Plagiarized version of the Chinese singers.


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