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Jung Chan Woo is a South Korean actor, singer and a member of a 6-member idol group iKON represented by YG Entertainment, but did you know that Chan Woo played Lee Min Ho’s child counterpart on “Boys Over Flowers” and “The Heirs” as well?

The famous Korean Drama “Boys Over Flowers” was directed by Jeon Ki-Sang and aired from January 5 until March 31,2009. The F4 handsome flower boys of the prestigious high school are rich friends acted by Lee MinHo, Kim HyunJoong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon. In this drama, their younger years were acted by child actors. Before debuting as an idol Chan or Jung Chan Woo was one of a child actor who featured as young Koo Jun-Pyu, he was counterpart of Lee Min Ho. He played with Nam Da-Reum and Lim Shi-Eun.

Jung Chanwoo and Lee Minho | iKON🔥 Amino

Another famous Korean Drama titled “The Heirs” that was directed by Kang Shin-Hyo and Boo Sung-Chul, and ran from October 9 until December 12, 2013. Chan Woo took the counterpart again, he featured as Young Kim-Tan. It was shown on the 7th episode in this drama, a scene in their past featured how Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) went from being best friends to enemies. Many noticed that the child actor who plays Lee Min Ho’s child counterpart looks familiar because he probably played his counterpart 4 years ago in “Boys Over Flowers”.

Meanwhile, viewers already noticed the major similarity of iKON Chan Woo and Lee Min Ho before. Chan Woo has been dubbed as Lee Min Ho’s doppelganger since then.

Fakta Chanwoo iKON, Mantan Aktor Cilik Pemeran Lee Min Ho

Jung Chan Woo Dan Lee Min Ho

Jung Chanwoo and Lee Minho | iKON🔥 Amino

Lee Minho Vs Jung Chanwoo, little Junpyo😃😍 | iKON🔥 Amino


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