Another K-pop idol became a hardcore iKON fan after iKON’s leader, B.i., did this to him after guesting the same show.


Recently, iKON became one of the contenders in one of TvN’s shows called “300.”

iKON and iKONICS made a history on that show as the first ever guest who had a complete attendance of supporters.

iKON and iKONICS also went viral all over Asia due to their mindblowing performance.

In that episode, Wheesung was also one of the guests and competitors wherein he won against iKON.

After the show, iKON’s B.i. surprised Wheesung with a signed album of iKON’s RETURN album.

Wheesung was really surprised of B.i.’s unbelievable humility and kindness.

He wrote on Instagram:

“This is iKON’s character. After filming ended, I was sitting in the car when someone came walking alone through the crowds of fans and knocked on the door. I was surprised, but it turned out to be B.I! I thought how great it is to have a junior like this. They are so cool. Look at what they wrote on the album. They said that the word ‘competition’ is meaningless between us. After leaving me with this great punchline, he humbly moonwalked out. I’ve been streaming [their album] like a zombie. People who haven’t experienced this for themselves won’t know.”

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